The Best PTR and PTC Programs

Welcome to our web page that has been online for almost ten years now. After all this time, we are still dedicated to bring you only the best PTR and PTC programs!

A lot has changed over the years, but there is still money to be made online simply by viewing ads, completing surveys or offers, and even performing microjobs. We have recently updated the page and made it mobile friendly.

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Looking to earn extra cash online? Join clixsense for free and start earning cash for your online activities, including:Visiting Websites, Paid Surveys, Free Offers, Micro Tasks, Playing, ClixGrid, Contests, Shopping Online and Referring Others.

Clixsense PTC and Surveys


PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers! Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily. Earn more with Bonus Ad Points. Payouts via Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, EgoPay, SolidtrustPay, Perfect Money, Western Union and Bank Wire



New PTC where you can start as a free member you can click points ads, when you have 800 points you can dig for value ads that can be worth even up to $200. The highest reported value ad till date is $20.

Create Multiple Income Stream for FREE


Get Paid Like never before. Becomming a member of Buxvertise will allow you to earn money by viewing advertisements that are displayed on their site daily. There are instant affordable upgrades available and Paypal Payments are instant! Earn even more money with BuxGrid. Payments may also be made by Payza, minimum payout is $5 for free members and $2 for upgraded members.

Buxvertise PTC


This is a relatively new program that has some awesome benefits and features. For example, the site is fully functional on mobile and tablet. They have 5 referral levels and lots of daily ads.

CashOClick, earn money by visiting websites


This is a new and exciting program that is being operated by the same company that owns, the popular link shortner that pays for every visitor, making it a trusted program!. The site is still in Beta, but you can join now already and complete some offers and surveys. They will also serve PTC ads soon.



Paid to Click, Read, Promote, Sign Up and Many Contests. Low minimum of $0.60 payout for standard members, and just 5cents for upgraded members. Payments are sent via Paypal, AlertPay or LibertyReserve, and are issued to you within 72 hours $1,00 CPM PTP and $5 Per completed offer!

make money with Cashnhits PTC


Paid to Click, Read, Promote, Sign Up and Many Contests. Low minimum of $0.60 payout for standard members, and just 5cents for upgraded members. Payments are sent via Paypal, AlertPay or LibertyReserve, and are issued to you within 72 hours $1,00 CPM PTP and $5 Per completed offer!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


TreasureTroopers have been online and paying since 2005! It was one of the first Get paid to complete offers sites, they also offer surveys, treasure hunts and many more ways to earn! For instance, you can play mini-games for treasure, find gems and gold coins which you can and trade for bonus prizes! Also get paid to participate in free contests for more money!

TreasureTroopers, paid to complete offers.

New, Make Money with your Twitter and Facebook accounts

These days many companies on social media networks are dying for your attention. They want you to follow their Twitter account, and they want you to like their Facebook Pages. Now there is a program with many members that connects the companies with the consumers on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up now and get paid up to 10 cents just for liking a facebook page. Also earn money by following twitter accounts, and by refering new members you will get 20% of their earnings.

twitter and facebook


4 fixed $0.01 advertisements for standard members + more ads. Earn up to $0.05 per click. Payments via PayPal, EgoPay and PerfectMoney.

electbux PTC

Let's Make Money Online with PTR and PTC

PTR stands for (get) Paid To Read (email). The idea is that you sign up to a PTR site for free, and then get paid emails sent to your inbox daily. You are suppose to read the email, click the link, and get paid for doing so.

The PTR industry was booming until around 5 years ago. At it's peak, there were literally hundreds of paying programs online. Often they would pay up to 2 cents per click, and some were even sending over 50 emails per day.

Unfortunately, those days are over. The PTR industry collapsed, and the PTC (paid to click) programs took over. But, there are still a few PTR programs that survived, and are still online paying members for reading email!. Some of these PTR programs are currently online for well over 9 years, and they have never failed to pay their members. Joining these sites means not having to worry about getting paid.

Get paid by the Best PTR and PTC programs online.

PTR is short for Paid To Read email. PTR is a great and simple way to start earning some money online. They are ideal for everyone because they don't require any preparation or website construction. All you have to do is sign up for the ptr programs for free and spend some time reading email, clicking links, visiting websites and considering the advertised offers. After you signed up for a ptr program, you will receive a lot of paid-emails daily. Click them read them and then click the paid-link in order to get credited. Its that simple. When you clicked the link you will visit the advertised website, and after the timer expires, normally after 20 ~30 seconds, your account will be credited. Most paid-emails are valued between 0.1 cent and 2 cents. It all depends on the program and what country you live in. Basically there are two different kinds of ptr programs. There are international ptr programs that accept members worldwide and 'search based' ptr programs that accept members from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand,Norway, Portugal, Sweden,Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The difference between them is that the search based ptr programs mainly advertise pay per click search engines. The emails for these ptr programs are usually higher valued than international ptr's . Emails are mostly 0.5 cent and up to 2 cent. The international ptr programs send you mostly 0.25 cent emails but they can also be point emails or cheap links of 0.1 cent. Points can be redeemed for advertising or exchanged to cash. But not all international ptr programs send cheap links. Sites like bgpaymail , weallgetpaid and november tears are sending their members also 1 or 2 cent emails. Some international ptr programs also have a PTP feature. PTP stands for Paid to Promote. You can earn money by sending traffic to your personal ptp link. paid to promote is very popular because you can earn money without doing much for it. You can send traffic to your ptp links by advertising at approved ptr programs. Let's say for instance you buy 10,000 emails ads for $3.50 to your ptp link. That will get you like 6,000 credits witch you can exchange for $4.62 cash. This is just an example, the CPM price all depends on the specific program you promote. If you want more information about PTP , PTR or GPT(get paid to) in general I suggest you take a look at this great forum where over 60,000 people from all over the world come together to discuss money making on the internet. Good luck and I hope you will have a great time making lots of money online !
What is PTR and PTC?

PTR means Paid to Read and is the name we use for sites that pay members for receiving email advertisements. PTC means Paid to Click, and these are sites that mostly pay for viewing and clicking ads. Read more »

What is Traffic Exchange?

We use traffic exchange to drive traffic to our websites, referral pages or promotional pages. The concept is simple, you basically surf a bunch of websites and receive credits to have your own site promoted. Read more »

What is Paid to Promote?

Paid to Promote or PTP is where a site pays you to send traffic to your personal promotion page. You will earn a certain amount of money usully per 1000 visitors you've sent. Read more »